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By Angara Split Shank Swiss Blue Topaz Halo Ring with Cluster Diamonds 5Jegx8ET

Updated 2:02 PM ET, Tue July 3, 2018

Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General Ed O'Callaghan, left, and Associate Deputy Attorney General Scott Schools, center, are seen in this undated image.

The Justice Department's senior-most career attorney, Associate Deputy Attorney General Scott Schools,is stepping down for a job in the private sector.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions made the official announcement Tuesday afternoon that Schools' last day would be Friday.
"Scott has provided invaluable leadership and counsel in his years at the Department, and his service is an example to all," Sessions said in a statement. "He will be greatly missed, and I wish him the best in his future endeavors."
Schools works under Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and has had a significant role helping manage special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation.
NPR previously reported his departure.
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As the highest-ranking career official, Schools has served as a key adviser on many sensitive matters within the department, including the firing of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and document production issues with Capitol Hill. Two sources confirmed to CNN that Schools was not forced out of the department, but rather received a unique opportunity.
Late last month, CNN observed Schools leaving Mueller's office. He, along with Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General Ed O'Callaghan, have been meeting with the special counsel team every other week.
Another attorney at the department, Bradley Weinsheimer, will replace Schools in an acting capacity but will not oversee Mueller's work. Weinsheimer has 27 years of experience working at the Justice Department, the department's news release said.

CNN's Veronica Stracqualursi contributed to this report.

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For instance, in many coastal regions, implementing robust community warning systems and pre-disaster prevention and post-disaster recovery mechanisms are winning attention.

5 ways to move smart city projects ahead

Martín del Castillo and Pascal Blunier from HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation shared five tips for developing countries, municipal agencies and development organizations to move smart city projects ahead:

1. Manage knowledge and promote better and more systematic ways to produce, share and use information, while also developing models and pilots that are replicable.

2. Promote an integrated approach where economic, social and environmental challenges are addressed comprehensively.

3. Promote climate resilient and environmentally friendly infrastructure and technologies.

4. Identify and integrate the most disadvantaged people in the development and transformation of the urban space.

5. Advocate for better funding mechanisms, ensuring in particular that subnational actors have fair and efficient access to resources in the framework of the global agenda on climate change.

One example is Angara Princess Blue and Diamond Halo Love Knot Earrings42mm QPebnCZ
— which is particularly vulnerable to climate change and often experiences flooding, droughts and tropical cyclones. The country is experimenting with these kinds of services, said Casimiro Antonio, deputy chief of party for programs at the USAID Coastal City Adaptation Project, implemented by Chemonics.

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The project, which started in two small cities in 2014 and will be expanded nationwide, uses SMS text messaging to warn about coming storms and provides communities and residents with updated disaster preparation information, water supply issues and other emergency management data. Down the road, the project may include vulnerability mapping, showing which areas are more prone to flooding or sea surges and helping city planners better understand where the weak spots are and whether to build in certain areas.

“People in Mozambique continue to be negatively impacted by climate change,” Antonio said. “These projects help increase people’s understanding of how climate change is affecting them and it encourages people to participate in identifying problems and potential solutions.”

Dovetailing on disaster preparation is the idea of creating sustainable economic development for local communities.

“Increased focus on community involvement for preparation of disaster preparedness and response plans in urban areas is on the rise,” said Edward Gardiner, vice president at Tetra Tech Inc.

Plans, according to Gardiner, include preparedness training such as flood warning and evacuation plans, and hazard mitigation such as levee inspection.

Gardiner cited an example in the Philippines, where city managers are learning how to maximize opportunities and engage with local enterprises to support sustainable climate proofing. In the Visayas region of the Philippines, for instance, coconut husks are being used to weave nets that are used for slope stability and to prevent erosion for roadway reconstruction projects. This initiative, while not dependent on smart technology, creates a sustainable and innovative loop for the community — the coco nets are locally made, come from an abundant local source, foster growth of new vegetation, and retain water, Gardiner said.

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